Rebel Gail Communications Agency


Entering the 2nd annual National Cleanse Your Skin Week, (August 1-7, 2017), Rebel Gail created a powerful, multi-channel awareness campaign to feature CeraVe's full-line of cleansers and educate consumers about ceramides - the critical ingredient in all CeraVe products. ​ The focal point of the campaign was a national survey of men & women designed to explore Americans’ lack of awareness on ceramides and how they work on the skin as well as highlight the common and sometimes surprising daily cleaning mistakes people make.


On August 1, we kicked off the fully integrated campaign with a Satellite Media Tour featuring the lead CeraVe spokesperson Dr. Dendy Engelman. To boost campaign momentum and hyper target the right consumer audience Rebel worked with the team at Time Inc. and InStyle to conduct an InStyle Facebook Live featuring Dr. Dendy Engelman and Editor-at-Large Kahlana Barfield Brown.


Within just one week, the campaign garnered almost 2 billion impressions, a 2,789% increase YOY! Media coverage alone lead to 1 billion earned impressions.
  • Satellite Media Tour = 876 airings and 588+ million impressions
  • InStyle Facebook Live = 84K viewers (1.5 million impressions earned from post stream).
  • CeraVe Facebook page saw a YOY increase in weekly impressions (+32%), weekly reach (+17%), and daily engaged users (+23%)