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At Rebel Gail we bring together our expertise in beauty and consumer marketing, with a deep grounding in science, healthcare and regulatory knowledge. Our breakthrough programs for OTC, Rx medicines, devices and diagnostics spur conversations and mobilize brand advocates across all channels.

We work with our clients to educate and share information and insights that can inspire conversation among leading medical practitioners, change the course of a patient’s journey or simply improve the everyday health of one individual. ​

With all of the ongoing scientific research, policy debate, new product launches, market changes and disruption when it comes to healthcare we have a singular focus. Translate important medical information; create a broad conversation; develop a compelling narrative and engage people to share these experiences with each other. ​

Whether it’s raising the curtain at medical meetings, introducing new consumer products or prescription medicines, mobilizing patient advocacy, or activating media influencers, we work with our clients to motivate people to take action and improve lives.


Skin Treatments & Aesthetics. Hair care. Cosmetics. Nail care. Fragrance. ​

With thousands of new brands launching each year, the 84 billion-dollar US beauty industry is an over crowded category making it extremely difficult for brands to break through. ​

At Rebel Gail, we don’t want your brand to make noise that goes unheard. We help your brand integrate in to consumers lives to help them live beautifully. ​

Rebel Gail will evaluate your brand objectives and create strategic programs to help achieve those goals. Creating awareness via placements in traditional beauty media, driving trial through sampling, reaching consumers through influencers and everything in between, we create strategic programs for every budget, from start-ups to billion-dollar brands.


There’s been a massive shift in the way people consume media – we all know this. It’s why today, PR support for a brand must be about more than a story in a top consumer magazine or spot on a morning show. ​

In many cases, it is more important to be seen on that influential 16-year- old’s YouTube channel or the right social influencer’s Instagram feed. Rebel Gail pinpoints how your consumer is living and loving life to help integrate your brand in to their every day. ​

Capitalizing on relevant consumer passion points to help your brand become a must-have. Whether it’s where they play, who they talk to, how they live, Rebel Gail makes sure your brand’s message is being communicated.

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