It's Giving Barbie

It takes ingenuity, awareness, a good product and a little bit of good timing to achieve explosive growth. In this month’s Rebel Radar, we take a look at four areas of explosive growth, including our agency being named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, to give you a spark to start your own growth.

- Jess and Nancy

Destination Innovation

Sometimes innovation is not starting something new but giving new life to something from the past. Launched in 1959, Barbie is having a moment in 2023 and brands are jumping all over it. From clothing to jewelry to home goods and food, pink is everywhere. Talk about creating a pop culture moment. The Barbie movie reinvigorated the brand and now it’s a Barbie world and we’re just living in it. Check out some of the Barbie collaborations.

Inspiration Point

62% of US Consumers listen to podcasts and continues to grow. With more and more consumers turning to podcasts for inspiration, it’s no surprise that brands are investing more in the podcast industry. By 2024 the podcast industry is estimated to be worth $4 billion. With this explosive growth comes more editorial opportunities for brands to have experts and founders make podcast appearances. It’s a longer form interview opportunity to educate, drive discussion and connect with current and new consumers. We’ve been increasingly utilizing podcasts as a PR tool for brands both through securing podcast interviews with a brand’s founder/CEO or offering brand representatives as expert interview subjects. Check out an interview we secured for our client, pH-D® Feminine Health CEO and Co-Founder Deeannah Seymour.

Journey In Imagination

We never could have imagined that just over seven years after starting Rebel Gail, we’d be named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America. Just announced in the September 2023 issue of Inc. We were lucky enough to see explosive growth during Covid as brands moved most of the marketing to digital. Our social media practice continues to thrive and we’re excited to be launching some new proprietary social and influencer AI-powered platforms in the coming months. Become part of the Rebel Gail family and let us help you reach goals beyond your imagination.

The Influencer Connection

Developing and maintaining relationships with media and content creators is imperative. With competition for editorial space growing, brands are being more and more creative on how to stand out amongst competitors. Now that we’re back to IRL events, more social-type outings have been increasing in popularity. It’s all about making connections with the media in a fun and engaging way. From start-ups to category leaders, everyone is getting in on the action at different budget levels. Whether it’s a baseball game, concert or pasta making class, outings provide an enjoyable experience for media while learning more about the brand and also offers a way to create buzz on social media. Want to talk more about an event that makes sense for your brand? Shoot us an email.

Rebel AMA

Emily | Senior Account Coordinator

Q: If a company wants to try amplifying their brand or product on a podcast, why not just purchase ad spots to be read during the episode rather than spending time securing founder interviews or paying a brand representative to be interviewed on their behalf?

A: While brands can purchase host-read ads (and we often recommend doing so to clients in conjunction with an interview), an interview with a company’s founder or expert representative offers a more authentic, in-depth listening experience to a podcast audience. Rather than having one 15-second ad thrown at them during the show’s break, brands are able to incorporate their story or product into a natural conversation while weaving in personality and genuine connection between the interview subject and the host. Additionally, the host is likely someone the audience trusts the opinion of and listens to regularly which is important. Plus, listeners won’t skip through a 45-minute episode the way they might fast forward through a few seconds of an ad 😉

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