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It’s the month of LOVE. We love winning awards for our clients, creating breakthrough partnerships and being able to help clients grow their business.

We simply LOVE what we do. 

- Jess and Nancy

Destination Innovation

Do you have an advertising spend with Meta this year? Brands spent $38.7 billion in the fourth quarter of 2023 on Meta, a 24% increase from a year earlier.

It’s true that Meta ads can certainly move the needle but, if you need to reach a hyper-targeted audience and want to join a conversation, you might consider an ad spend on Reddit.

Reddit is the number one platform for community with over 100,000 active groups. In fact, 56% of Reddit ad viewers talked about the advertising brand or product positively driving advocacy and conversation. With less ad noise on the platform, Reddit may be a good option for your brand.

Let’s discuss where you get the best ROI from your paid spend. 

Inspiration Point

We were so excited to launch a partnership for AmLactin with Amber Glenn, the 2024 U.S. National Champion and one of the most inspirational ice skaters performing today.

She met with media and influencers at an invitation-only event at Wollman Rink in Central Park and performed an inspiring routine!

Check out her performance here and to see why she loves AmLactin, click on the link below.

Journey In Imagination

Imagine winning more beauty awards in 2024! Awards submissions are in full swing. The latest is Marie Claire Skin Awards. The submission deadline is March 14th. Not sure how to submit? We’re happy to help you craft and submit on your behalf. BeautyMatter Next Awards are also open for submission – check that out here. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

The Influencer Connection

We’re speaking at the Dermatologic Beauty Connect Conference in Miami (March 21 – 22). Come see our panel on the Influencer Effect: Social Media Strategies That Work.

You can use code Rebel10 for 10% off your registration at the link below.

Can’t make it to Miami? Reach out with any questions on influencers or to discuss your marketing strategies.

Rebel AMA


Digital Marketing Lead


What is one thing that brands can do to improve their paid social ads performance?


Much is made about data and the tools that help laser focus on target audiences, identify those most likely to take action, and how Meta’s algorithm – honed and improved constantly – can maximize results.

There’s no question that these tools, the data, and the machine learning that drives them, is crucial for marketers to understand and utilize.

However, there’s a key component to the success or failure of any campaign that can’t be overlooked – the message still matters. We must never forget that there are real people being served our ads that have wants, needs, and motivations – ads still need to tell a story, command attention, provoke an emotion, and give the user a reason to interact.

It is only with this combination of art and science (creative and data) – paying attention to both the head and the heart – that will drive true success for any brand’s paid social campaigns.

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