New Year, New Milestones

We’re so proud of our 2023 wins. Check them out here. But, we’re shifting gears to a new year.
A new year brings, well, new achievements – a new website, awards and more. It’s time to start raking in the 2024 wins!

- Jess and Nancy

Destination Innovation

It’s already time to submit for the 2024 CEW awards. One of the most prestigious industry awards, competition is steep. But if you can pull off the win, the seal helps drive awareness and sales.


Check out the rules, categories and deadlines below:

Inspiration Point

The new year brings a new website.

We just launched our updated site with a fresh look and updated work. Learn all about us at the link below!

Journey In Imagination

2024 conferences are already underway with Cosmoprof Miami just finishing up. Imagine a complete list of all 2024 conferences and trade shows in one easy place. Deanna Utroske, beauty industry guru, has done it. Download the list here. And if you don’t already, follow Deanna on LinkedIn for beauty news and trends, it’s a must!

The Influencer Connection

Congratulations to AmLactin influencer partner, Amber Glenn, on winning the gold medal at the US figure skating Championships! AmLactin is a proud sponsor of U.S. Figure Skating and we’re honored to have Amber Glenn showing off her #IAmLactinReady skin. See how she uses AmLactin to help with her keratosis pilaris below.

Insider Insights

Never underestimate the power of influencer marketing. One only needs to look at the impact mom influencers had on creating the Stanley craze, introducing a 100 year-old brand to a whole new audience and forever changing Stanley’s sales trajectory. For 2024, we’ll see more brands shifting from macro-influencers, who may be viewed as inauthentic, to micro-influencers, who have steadily built credibility among their highly engaged followers. The right influencer for the right target can be invaluable when combined with a full-funnel strategy.

Christine Moroniti is an expert CPG Brand Marketer, adept at combining classic marketing principles with modern marketing tactics. She is President of Moroniti Marketing Solutions, a Marketing Consultancy. Contact:

- Christine Moroniti

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