You Had Me at IRL

It’s taken a few years but, we’re excited for the return to IRL events and conferences. While Zoom helped get us through the disruptive Covid era, those virtual conferences just can’t deliver what a live event can. We’re excited to see consumer and trade shows return to an in-person, collective experience which allows for better brand marketing opportunities and consumer and industry interactions. We look forward to the personal contact and the chance to bring our client’s brands to life. Bring it on!

- Jess and Nancy

Destination Innovation

One of the most inspiring festivals is the Fast Company Innovation Festival. It brings together some of the most interesting people in all different industries and allows you to attend multiple talks, workshops and networking events. It’s a fast-paced, four days of conversation and connections. Some of this year’s speakers include Drew Barrymore, Michelle Yeoh and Sofia Vergara. If you’re in NYC September 18 – 21, definitely check it out.

Inspiration Point

The beauty industry descended on Las Vegas this month for the annual Cosmoprof North America show. Thousands of buyers, retailers, distributors and brands attend the show to be inspired by the latest product innovations and trends in hair, skin and nails. One of the highlights, the winners of the Cosmoprof and Cosmopak North America awards was announced. Lots of inspiration to gather from these trend-forward brands. Check out the winners below. Want to attend the next Cosmprof show to get some inspiration of your own? No better place than Miami in the winter, January 23 – 25.

Journey In Imagination

Pre-Covid consumers were loving in person beauty shows and found tons of makeup looks, hair styles and skin routine recommendations to inspire their beauty imaginations. Interacting with brands, samples and meet and greets allowed IRL connections between brands and consumers. Shows were gone for a while. Now, in the post-Covid era, the beauty industry is finally brining back consumer shows in a big way. Sephoria returns to NYC on September 29 – 30. With more than 50 participating brands, beauty icon master classes and tons of samples, there should be more than enough inspiration to bring out anyone’s beauty artistry. Another long standing consumer beauty show, Beautycon, is under new ownership and returns to LA September 16 – 17. Their new tagline is “Rally the rising beauty rebels.” We’re with you Beautycon. bring on the rebels!

The Influencer Connection

The Hamptons has been a favorite for summer vacations and even brand activations for consumers and media. As content creators have become a bigger focus for marketing efforts, we saw brand influencer activations in the Hamptons explode this summer. Fashion, beauty, spirits – all industries took advantage of the Hamptons draw. Inspired by what brands are executing this summer? Start planning now for your summer 2024 Hamptons activations.

Rebel AMA

Thanos | Account Coordinator

Q: How do you see the sudden uprising of "Twitter Killers" like Threads and TikTok Text-Only Posts impacting the influencer marketing landscape?

A: The emergence of these "Twitter Killers" has certainly captured the attention of content creators and influencers alike. While they offer exciting opportunities for engagement in new formats, there's also a sense of caution due to the history of previous platforms that rose and fell rapidly (yes, I'm talking to you Clubhouse). As influencers and brands explore these new platforms, they will be closely monitoring the sustainability and impact on audience reach and engagement. The influencer marketing landscape may witness a shift as content creators experiment with these platforms, but it's essential for marketers to stay vigilant and adapt their strategies to leverage the potential benefits while mitigating any risks of investing in these new, rapidly evolving social media spaces.

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