Mid-Year Preview

It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through 2023! It’s a good time to do a mid-year review and start to look ahead at what the last half might look like, as well as 2024 and 2025. The best way to help a brand get ahead is to think ahead. We hope we bring you some inspiration and innovation to kick off your brainstorming.

- Jess and Nancy

Destination Innovation

We were honored to be featured in Drugstore News about our strategy and proprietary tools in the social media and influencer space. Our Rebel Rise and Brandfluence.AI tools allow us to deliver unprecedented results around Instagram growth and influencer partnerships.

Inspiration Point

Looking for some inspiration? Check out GCI Magazine’s article "7 Inspiring Beauty Brand Lessons for 2023 - 2025." There’s a lot to learn from these top brands.

Journey In Imagination

We are so proud of our client Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel for winning a Self Healthy Beauty Award for Best Toner for Dry Skin for their Hydrating Toner + Serum with Rose Water. We’re consistently submitting our clients for media awards. Once a brand has won, these awards can be used across the marketing mix to help build brand awareness, credibility and trust. Consumers look for award seals when shopping which can tip the scales towards a sale in the consumer path to purchase. Can you imagine what you could do with your publicity if your brand won some awards? Not only are consumer awards important but industry awards help raise your brand’s presence to retailers, investors and industry execs. Check out the Next Awards by BeautyMatter to submit your brand for an award.

The Influencer Connection

Have you ever thought about how influencers could help get you distribution? I recently attended a panel discussion with some of the top beauty buyers at the Foundermade conference in NYC. One of the biggest learnings was the amount of weight the buyers put into a brand’s social media conversation. Yes, followings are important. But if your consumer is not engaging with the brand, the buyers are less interested. Content creators are a perfect way to get your targets talking and bring in some new consumers to your channel. Don’t have a budget for influencers? Think about creating a barter program to share your product with micro and nano influencers.

Rebel AMA

Stephanie | Senior Vice President

Q: What strategies can brands employ to maximize the PR value of winning media awards and create sustained awareness?

A: There is no better product endorsement than winning a beauty award from credible media outlets. Brands can maximize their big win by leveraging the beauty award seal in marketing efforts across social media, digital marketing efforts, e-commerce, and product packaging.

By implementing these marketing efforts, the seal showcases tried-and-true editor picks which builds brand credibility, loyalty, trust and recognition with consumers.

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