Sharing Connections

We just recently returned from Dermatological Beauty Connect in Miami where we got to speak about influencer marketing.

It was a blast to share our expertise but more importantly, meet such amazing beauty founders, marketers, chemists and industry executives. We know the connections we made in Miami will become some of our strongest allies.

We discovered so many amazing brands and people that we look forward to sharing with all of you!

- Jess and Nancy

Destination Innovation

One of the most interesting sessions of the conference was the Innovation Spotlight. Up and coming brands that are innovators of their categories. All five breakthrough brands were founded by entrepreneurial geniuses who found a white space in the market and were able to put science and formulations at the forefront of solving some of the biggest problems for consumers in beauty.

  • Acie: The world’s first AI powered skin-sensing device for everyday use
  • Hanni: Lazy bodycare for real people
  • Jupiter: Dandruff products that don’t suck
  • Osquo: Advanced clinical solutions for adult acne
  • Viktor Michael: Post injection recovery care for improved healing

Inspiration Point

We discovered so many amazing skin care, hair care and device brands with scientific studies behind them to make any skincare junkie get a little tingle of excitement.

Some standouts we saw:

  • Ulike: may be just getting started in the US but it’s one of the most successful hair removal brands. This at-home device is going to revolutionize the hair removal category.
  • Epilynx: was founded by Dr. Liia Ramachandra as an allergy free super brand. Free from the most common food allergies, all products are gluten, nut and dairy free.
  • Veracity,Nurx and Restore Hyper Wellness are all lifestyle, wellness brands/destinations focuses on overall wellness and longevity. These brands are changing healthcare for better.

Journey In Imagination

One of the biggest topics of conversation during Miami Beauty Connect was Exosomes.

Recognized as the next big advancement in skincare, Exosomes have been shown to be the communicators among cells. Exosomes act as messengers, instructing cells to help in tissue healing, regeneration and repair. We are seeing an increase in skincare brands using exosomes as this category explodes. Two exosome brands from the conference to check out – Dp Derm and Rion Aesthetics.

We can’t imagine what an impact exosomes will have on regenerative science and beauty in the next five years.

The Influencer Connection

We hosted a panel at Beauty Connect Miami for dermatological skincare and aesthetic brands focused on Influencer Best Practices. We were honored to be joined by Dr. Dustin Portela who has over 2.4 million followers on Tik Tok as well as Kellie Lao, Executive Director of Consumer Marketing at Evolus and Marnie Sadow, Senior Vice President of Marketing for THG.

During our 30-minute conversation we shared a number of great tips for the audience. Here are some of the top takeaways:

1.    Paid is important but if you need to conserve budget, an organic program can deliver a high ROI.

2.    Making sure your contracts are as detailed as possible will help avoid problems during the execution of the campaign.


3.    Developing a reciprocal partnership between brand and influencer will help lead to long term gains for both.

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