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Welcome to the first Rebel Radar. Every month we’ll be inviting you to explore brands that innovate, people that inspire, articles that open the imagination and influencer tools and trends to connect brands to their target consumers. We’re excited to share our insights, learnings and best practices with all of you. You never know what will spark your next big campaign idea. Want to see something special, let us know. Have a question, reach out. Need to brainstorm? We will happily lend an hour of our time to share ideas and solutions. Thanks for joining our journey.

- Jess and Nancy

Destination Innovation

Inspiration is all around us. We find that when inspiration strikes it can come from anywhere – a sign on the subway, a comment from a colleague, a TikTok on your feed, or an article you read. One of our greatest inspirations is hearing personal experiences from entrepreneurs, creatives and industry experts. We’re going to be attending the FounderMade Innovation Show on May 31st for some sparks and insights. Join us if you can. Can’t make it to New York? Check out the next FounderMade Innovation Show October 19 in Santa Monica. It’s definitely an Innovation Destination.

Inspiration Point

May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month and we recently attended the Skin Cancer Foundation Gala in New York City. More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other cancers combined. It’s so important to educate on the most common cancer worldwide and we were happy to support the cause. The founder, Dr. Perry Robins started the foundation in 1979. Now in his 90s, Dr. Robins is still fighting for the cause and spoke at this year’s gala. He’s lifelong mission and activism is an inspiration and we hope you’re inspired by his story as well.

Journey In Imagination

Imagine if women could speak freely about their healthcare. If there was no stigma or embarrassment around vaginal health, menopause and sexual wellness. There’s been great strides in the conversation and we’re proud to work in the women’s health space to continue to help stomp out the stigma. As a woman-owned company we’re fighting to get rid of the con in the feminine health conversation on social media and in the general media. This National Women’s Health Month, is putting women’s health first posting a vaginal dryness article featuring our client, pH-D Feminine Health.

The Influencer Connection

Did you know that the majority of publishers are now using affiliate codes as a revenue stream? In fact, 31% of publishers consider affiliate marketing to be on of their top 3 sources of revenue. We consistently recommend an affiliate strategy to our e-commerce clients. Affiliate links are usually low investment with high impact to not only media but sales as well. Interested in an affiliate program, let’s talk. You can also check out one of the platforms we use, Skimlinks.

Rebel AMA

Bella | Influencer Marketing Manager

Q: What are the most effective ways to leverage content creators at scale?

A: In today’s creator economy, focusing solely on a handful of macro/mega inflluencers does not move the needle like it did in the past. To win in this ever-evolving influencer landscape, you need an army. Building a pyramid approach allows for brands to maximize both engagement (from nano influencers) and reach (micro and macro influencers). We've developed a tiered approach, mixing in a combination of high reach and engaging creators of all sizes at a ratio that drives the most impact and ROI for clients.

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