It's Giving Season

This month we’re giving thanks and giving support. We appreciate our families, friends and colleagues for being a part of our journey.

How are you embracing the giving season?

- Jess and Nancy

Destination Innovation

Cosmetics companies have been innovating for decades but the FDA hasn’t updated their cosmetics authority since the FFDCA was put into law in 1938.

Finally, the FDA has passed MoCRA which includes product facility registration and cosmetic product listing requirements. Set to go into effect on December 29, the FDA has just delayed the enforcement of these two requirements for six months giving manufacturers more time to comply.

Need to know more about MoCRA for your brand? Check out the webinar from BeautyMatter as they break down the meaning of MoCRA.

Inspiration Point

November is the month for Giving and Thanks. November 23rd we celebrate Thanksgiving. We are thankful for 8 strong years of business and all our clients who inspire us each and every day to think creatively and love what we do.

We also celebrate Giving Tuesday on November 28th. A global movement to inspire generosity. No matter how big or small we all have the power to make a difference. By spreading generosity we can make a difference together.

Journey In Imagination

November is National Healthy Skin Month. Started by the American Academy of Dermatology in 1997 to bring awareness to habits that could lead to a lifetime of healthier skin.

As an agency, we’re working with skincare brands, dermatologists and trade organizations to promote healthy skin all year. But, November is the perfect time to imagine how your skin could be healthy for a lifetime by following simple guidelines from the AAD.

Get started with healthy skin habits for 2024 and imagine how much you’ll continue to love the skin your in.

The Influencer Connection

We recently attended the Beauty Connect LA conference where hundreds of beauty executives came together to discuss a variety of important topics including investing, manufacturing and marketing.

Industry titans shared resources and advice during panel discussions, intimate meetings and networking opportunities.

We’re excited to be hosting a panel at Dermatological Beauty Connect Miami on March 22, 2024 on the Influencer Effect: Social Media Strategies that Work. Interested in attending? Check out the link below.

Rebel AMA

Jess | Joint-CEO

Q: What are the beauty trends you're seeing emerge for 2024?

A: Sustainability: As climate changes continue to increase, the call for brands to become more sustainable will only continue to grow. For Gen Z and Alpha. a brand’s eco-friendly practices influence purchase

Self-care: Making sure you take care of yourself and indulging in at home beauty routines as well as out of home treatments will be at the forefront. The “GRWM” phenomenon has only brought the focus on personal beauty routines to the forefront.

Merging of Beauty & Wellness: Beauty from the inside out becomes increasingly important with the rise of supplements and self-care. It’s all about mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing and translating that with beauty into the best you.

Geo-Skincare: With climate change at the top of everyone’s mind, Skincare that adjusts for the climate will rise to the top. Mountains, deserts, warm, cold, the skincare industry will capitalize on how weather affects your skin.

Tech Advancements: Beauty tech will continue to increase in the form of LED tools, AI programs and AR apps. Brands that are able to leverage technology will be able to grow faster with Gen Z and Gen A.

Creator Economy Explosion: Creator activations is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must. Consumers are shopping directly from social and this type of economy will only increase as Meta, YouTube and other social platforms continue to offer new brand partnership opportunities and tools.

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