Let's Go Harvesting!

October is the month of harvest. Apple picking, pumpkin patches and…witch hazel and castor oil? This issue, we commemorate some important causes, connect with like-minded individuals, celebrate the harvest and check out the rise of castor oil.

- Jess and Nancy

Destination Innovation

October is an awareness month for a number of good causes - Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It’s also Menopause Awareness Month – a condition often overlooked and shrugged off by the medical and workplace communities.

A recent study from the Mayo Clinic estimates menopause costs American women an estimated $1.8 billion in lost working time per year. Due to menopausal symptoms, women are taking sick days, cutting back their hours or even quitting. Luckily, the pharma and wellness communities are innovating. The FDA just approved the first drug specifically designed to reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes in May. pH-D Feminine Health, a holistic feminine care company available at drug stores and Amazon, recently launched Menopause support supplements as well as a Vaginal Moisturizing Gel. pH-D is at the forefront of women’s health and we’re proud to call them a client.

Inspiration Point

Sometimes, you need to immerse yourself with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas and hear new thinking to get inspired. We’re off to Hollywood in November to attend Beauty Connect LA. With 3 days of content and 50+ industry speakers, we know we’ll return to NY full of ideas to implement with our clients.

Want to join us? Check out more information on the conference at the link below. Want to spend a half hour with us while we’re in LA to pick our brains for free and get some inspiration for your brand? Email us here.

journey in imagination

On October 23, Dickinson Brands celebrated the third annual National Witch Hazel Day which celebrates the botanical wonder of Witch Hazel and its harvesting season. Rebel Gail was there to help Dickinsons Brands celebrate the first NWHD in 2021 and we’re just as honored to be there for the third.

We couldn’t have imagined all the creative ideas we would be able to execute on behalf of the nicest clients. We always imagined an agency full of clients who we respect and who respect our work. We’re lucky to count Dickinson Brands as true partners. Check out more about #NationalWitchHazelDay below.

The Influencer Connection

TikTok continues to make an impact on sales. Go viral on TikTok and you can see a documented impact on sales of a that product. Recently castor oil has been all over TikTok with over 1 billion views.

Consumers are looking at it for lash growth, hair growth and even weight loss. Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, the search volume for castor oil on Amazon is over 700k a month and trending up 168% over the last 12 months!

Want to see more Amazon trends? Check out the article below.

Rebel AMA

Elana | Account Coordinator

Q: It’s around this time that editorial award submissions kick off for 2024. What are your top tips for success?

A: Most importantly, you need a product that works and is a true standout in the category. Follow the rules! Stay on top of submission deadlines and follow submission guidelines. Identify the most suitable category for your product. Think about which category gives you the best chance at winning and which has the least amount of competition. Differentiate your product from similar ones to make it truly stand out. Highlight your unique selling points and showcase product innovations or exceptional ingredients. Happy submitting and good luck!

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