Rebel Gail Communications Agency


Launched in January, 2016, #WomenNotObjects is a women’s advocacy campaign to shake up the advertising industry. ​

The brainchild of ad industry exec Madonna Badger, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Badger & Winters, the campaign was designed to spur conversation around the objectification of women in advertising. ​

Madonna Badger was the creative director behind the original Calvin Klein underwear ads in the 90’s. 25 years later, women are increasingly being objectified everywhere we look.


40 Million social reach
Over 18,000 social mentions
Over 380 Million media impressions
3 organic celebrity posts
Over 1.45 million views
Global reach with coverage in over 150 countries

Rebel Gail was tasked developing a strategy to create an organic social conversation around #WomenNotObjects and drive video views without revealing the videos's creator. Phase 1of the campaign consisted of four tactics: social influencer partnerships, organic social influencer/media outreach, social/native advertising, and a video sharing platform. ​

For Phase 2, RebelGail was tasked with announcing who was behind the video and securing media coverage for the video, Madonna Badger and Badger & Winters.